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Kuppam green

Kuppam Green Granite is an Indian green granite that originates in the Andhra Pradesh region. These green granite slabs are finely grained natural stone with a greyish-green background. The applied area has an amazing look thanks to Kuppam Green Granite's green color base with white flecks and lining patterns. However, while each slab is unique, the design is consistent, making it popular among architects preferring a uniform stone. It's really beautiful. The durable and lovely Indian Granite is suitable for usage indoors as well as outside in cold temperature zones, as well as all Commercial and Residential projects. The material is in high demand in Kitchen Worktops, Floors, and pavements. Kuppam Green Granite is also popular in the home market. It's also scratch-resistant, making it a good choice for worktops and hall flooring. Overall, it is heat resistant, so even the most heated vessel will not damage this long-lasting stone.